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Who We Are

Superior Investigative Services, LLC was founded in 2001 with the goal of creating an organization that is second to none in the field of surveillance and investigation. Our management team has over 100 years combined experience in our industry and our cases are handled by true professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

Superior Investigative Services prides itself on providing the best possible service and results to our clients with the mutual goal of reducing claims exposure. We are also conscious of the fact that results and communication are both key and essential elements that our clients expect.

Our customer base consists of insurance companies, self-insured employers, third party administrators and attorneys. Our focus and expertise is in surveillance and investigative work on injury related claims such as workers compensation, personal injury auto, FELA, Jones Act and liability claims. We also work directly with companies on such matters as theft, risk mitigation, Family Medical Leave Act and sick leave cases.

Because no two cases are completely alike, we customize our services to fit the individual needs of our clients. We provide timely updates and professional results to help ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for all the stakeholders involved.

Our Services

Background Investigations

This service includes a database search and a search of legal records including: criminal history, inmate records, driving record, vehicle searches, property records, business ownership, business affiliations, and bankruptcy. Background investigations are useful for gaining information about prior litigation or possible sources of income. A complete background can be conducted or specific elements can be selected.


Our investigators are equipped with state-of-the-art video equipment including hidden cameras. The use of state-of-the-art equipment combined with our experience helps in conducting successful surveillances while protecting the integrity of the surveillance. We provide results with clear, concise and compelling video evidence. We provide daily updates to you about surveillance performed. When handling is complete, we furnish a detailed report with still pictures of the subject and the activities observed and copies of video obtained.

Unmanned Surveillance Systems

We offer state of the art technology with our unmanned surveillance systems. These systems can film continuously for 5-7 days/24 hours each day without being disturbed. Their use has been instrumental in obtaining evidence in cases where the subjects are suspicious, located in rural areas, and high crime neighborhoods. This service is another valuable option in the already comprehensive surveillance and investigative resources we offer.

Locate Investigations

During this type of investigation, we conduct an in-depth search of various databases and other available sources to identify and confirm the residence of the subject. It is also useful in uncovering individuals who may have a bearing on your case or claim.

Social Media Searches

This investigation includes an extensive search of internet databases and social networking sites. This service can provide a valuable insight into the subject’s social patterns and can help identify activities the individuals are engaged in which are contradicting to your claim.

  • “…Wayne County judge dismissed the case based on results of the surveillance – Nicole”
  • “...Camera surveillance has arguably saved my client's well over $200,000 on one case alone, and savings on the other cases are close to $75,000 per case. - Paul K”
  • “...Saved my client $20,000 on one case alone. Collectively, the cases combined are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – Kristen K”
  • “...The results have saved between $50,000 and $100,000 on my cases – Sarah L”
  • “...We conducted many rounds of surveillance and then trapped plaintiff and her providers in lies at their depositions. The carrier paid out almost $500,000 since 2007. This would have cost them millions as her claims would have continued until she died. – Jason B.”
  • “...The video that we had in this case was nothing less than outstanding. It was instrumental in moving the case toward settlement. Without the video, it is likely that benefits would have continues the remainder of this individual’s life which could be in excess of 35 years. – Dan Z.”